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Employment disputes hurt everyone - we’ll get you back in working order

Employment and workplace disputes can be bitter affairs for both employees and employers alike. At Taperell Rutledge Lawyers, our main goal is delivering you the outcome you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Employment law can be complex and confusing, but our expert team is here to get you positive results.

We advise small to large businesses on a range of workplace procedures and disputes. We also provide legal assistance to employees at all stages of a workplace dispute or claim. 

Our employment lawyers can help you negotiate employment contracts, resolve your workplace issues and safeguard your professional reputation. Our experts always strive to protect the interests of the businesses and employees that they represent.  

We also recognise that employment disputes can be costly, from legal fees and from a loss of income. At Taperell Rutledge Lawyers, we prioritise resolving employment disputes in the most cost effective and efficient way, so you can get back to work.

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Maxine Andronicos

Maxine is committed to finding practical outcomes for the complex issues facing her clients. Read More

Jim Maitland

Jim joined Taperell Rutledge Lawyers in 1979 and has extensively practised in employment law. Read More

Rebekah Stevens

Rebekah has an excellent record delivering innovative and strategic solutions to a wide variety of matters. Read More

Usha Buchan

Usha takes a pragmatic approach to simplify legal processes and create strong commercial results for clients. Read More

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